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A Sunday Morning Walk

I stand atop the sand dock dune Canyon. Mid-morning anglers cast for slithering treasures. Peaceful. Metal sailboat masts play melodic wind chimes dampening a women’s screened-in cough. A well-crafted wooden bench counts the number of resting cheeks imposed upon it. A quilted brown leather chair with grommets, round feet with matching mushroom ottoman, sits at […]

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Love Ain’t A Thang

I love my new computer. It’s so sexy. Thin, silver and streamline, virgin of oily fingertips. When I turned it on, the deep-voiced activated faceless person behind metallic metal whispered, “Just sit back and relax,” during setup. I laughed so hard. Thank goodness I wasn’t in a public place. What the hell did I just […]

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Shut Up and Read

My former boss said, “You worry too much.” I’ve known I worry about things more than I should. I worry about what I’m going to eat for lunch, and dinner. I worry about deadlines, frown lines, and trusting someone to save my spot when I get out of line. I worry about getting fat, becoming […]

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Don’t Cry Over Burnt Toast

I went to my favorite cafe for my usual over priced healthy hummus toast because I’m too lazy to make it myself. Peeking out from under the fluffy, lemony zest goodness was a questionable black ring. Burnt toast. My first thought was, “Why didn’t they just throw it away and make a fresh, unburned, gently […]

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“But I won’t do that . . . “

Ever have one of those days where you should have stayed in bed? Have you had a time when things were going swimmingly for days or weeks, but then the dam breaks, knocking your head into a reef but you’re still alive to feel the pain wishing someone would put you out of your misery? […]

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Queen Anne’s Lace

It was a pleasantly windy and warm summer day to cut the grass. As the first straight row kicked up dust in my eyes, delicate dots of whimsyness waived with the breeze. Most people would think of this beautiful sight as a weed. Weeds have the reputation to not belong. They must be discarded, a […]

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Three Little Birds

As I walked to the band shell tonight, Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds was playing. Low and behold, I look on stage and my friend is playing an instrument to make the bird sounds. This song was special to me because after a trying time a few months ago, I went to my car, turned […]